Some of the open-source stuff I've worked on.


For my Phd I developed a thread-based networking subsystem for Linux. I also developed drivers and firmware for Myricom/Myrinet network devices. After my Phd, I worked on the Sungem network interface driver (Sungem was the network interface of the iBook G3 I was using at that time). I added NAPI and NETPOLL support to the driver. I must confess that I'm happy to see that the sungem driver is still in Linux, and that I still have my name listed in the file!


OpenLayers is a JavaScript library for adding slippy maps to web pages. This is an open-source alternative to the Google Maps API. I'm a core developer of OpenLayers. I've contributed many bug fixes, and enhancements, and introduced a number of new features. In particular, I actively worked on Vector Behavior, which, I think, is one of the coolest pieces of OpenLayers.

I'm currently working on OpenLayers 3, One of the goals of OpenLayers 3 is exploring using WebGL for creating 3D maps. My "Why are we building OpenLayers 3" blog post provides more information on OpenLayers 3.


GeoExt is a JavaScript library that brings OpenLayers and ExtJS together. Its goal is to help build desktop-style GIS applications for the web with JavaScript. I participated in the creation of the project in 2008, and I've been a core developer of the library since then. I've contributed lots of features, enhancements and bug fixes. I, for example, created GeoExt.Action, for coupling OpenLayers controls and Ext buttons or menu items, and had a lot of fun with it.


GeoAlchemy extends SQLAlchemy with geospatial features. GeoAlchemy is wonderful! And one of the reasons it's wonderful is because SQLAlchemy is wonderful. I mentored the talented Tobias Sauerwein in his work on GeoAlchemy, and contributed a number of enhancements and fixes.

I've recently started working on GeoAlchemy 2. GeoAlchemy 2 aims to provide a simpler implementation and improved APIs.


MapFish extends the Pylons web framework with geospatial functionality. In addition to Pylons, MapFish is based on GeoAlchemy, and the Shapely, and geojson packages from Sean Gillies' GIS-Python Lab. I'm one of the creators and main developers of MapFish. Working on MapFish has made me discover the Pylons framework, and its ecosystem. I even had the chance to contribute a patch to Pylons.


gTranslate is a FireFox add-on for translating text in web pages with the Google translation services. I discovered gTranslate while learning about the development of FireFox add-ons. I refactored the code, set up the test harness, and wrote unit tests.