OpenLayers sandbox dev with git svn

Published: Wed 10 November 2010
By Erilem

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I've been using git-svn for OpenLayers development for some time now. Although git-svn isn't so easy to work with, I'm quite happy with it for OpenLayers.

So I have a git-svn clone of on my development machine. I use this git repository for "trunk work", that is mainly for bug fixes meant to go to trunk. When I start working on a bug fix, I create a temporary branch, naming it with the id of the corresponding trac ticket. When I have patch reviewed and accepted, I merge the temporary branch into the master, dcommit, and remove the temporary branch.

These days, I've been working on more experimental things (Kinetic Dragging). Using OpenLayers SVN sandboxes is nice for developing new features and experimenting, because they allow you to easily show and share your work. So I needed a way to have my experimental box is a sandbox while still managing my code with git-svn. And here's what I did.

I started by creating a sandbox in the OpenLayers SVN repository:

$ svn cp

Then, I added a new svn-remote in my OpenLayers Git repository's .git/config:

[svn-remote "svn-kinetic"]
url =
fetch = :refs/remotes/git-svn-kinetic

and fetched changes from that remote branch with:

$ git svn fetch svn-kinetic -r 10884

10884 is the number of the SVN revision created when the sandbox directory was built with svn cp. This command created a remote branch named git-svn-kinetic, and listed when entering git branch -r:

$ git branch -r

Then I checked out the freshly-created remote branch, and created a local branch from it:

$ git checkout git-svn-kinetic
$ git checkout -b kinetic

The local branch "kinetic" is bound to the remote branch "git-svn-kinetic", and "git svn dcommit" commands done with the "kinetic" branch checked out go to, which is exactly what I want.

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