From Camptocamp to Mirantis

I joined Camptocamp in 2007. There I quickly became a core developer and project member of OpenLayers. I also became a lead developer of Camptocamp's « Geospatial Python team ». I learned a lot. I learned about the Geospatial field, open-source communities, Python programming, JavaScript programming, web development, web architectures. The list is not exhaustive.

One thing that I love about Camptocamp is that Camptocamp do production. They do consulting. They do development. But they also operate machines and run code in production. For that the dev teams work together with ops teams, and this greatly contributed to making my job very interesting. I had the chance to regularly exchange with ops people, with a common overall objective to build applications that actually deploy and run in production.

This is also what made me want to change job. My collaboration with Camptocamp's ops team exposed me to things like Puppet, Docker, OpenStack, and building scalable, resilient and monitored applications. I wanted to know more about all this. I wanted to go deeper with all that, to really understand what this means and where this is all going.

So here I am, working in the Logging, Monitoring and Alerting team at Mirantis. I just finished my third week, so the whole business is still very very new to me. But I feel that I've already learned quite a lot; things that I understood but were a bit abstract are now getting more palpable. The mission of my team is to build an end-to-end monitoring solution for OpenStack that can scale to thousands of nodes. I think it's a great mission! We use great technologies like Heka, Kafka and influxDB to accomplish our mission.

My current specific tasks involve making our Puppet manifests more generic, making it possible to deploy our monitoring solution outside the Fuel OpenStack deployment tool, and on any OpenStack distribution. Eventually, we will also look at other deployment tools, but this is matter for future work. We also have many other things in mind for future releases, that I hope I could talk about here in this blog.

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