FeatureServer Versus MapFish Server

Published: Fri 31 October 2008
By Erilem

In Blog.

I thought I could say a few words on the differences between FeatureServer and MapFish Server.

First, FeatureServer and MapFish Server have similarities. They share a similar, REST-based protocol, for creating, reading, updating and deleting features.

The main difference between the two: FeatureServer is a standalone application, MapFish Server is a web-mapping development framework.

FeatureServer is perfect for very rapidly setting up editable layers, with no custom needs. MapFish Server is good if you work on a customer project, with specific, customer-oriented needs; MapFish

Server provides a complete development framework, which, thanks to the great components it relies on (Pylons, SQLAlchemy, Shapely, etc.) allows to write high-quality and maintainable code.

Two different goals.

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