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I've always been impressed by what Olivier and Vincent have built with Oslandia. So I am happy and excited to announce that I am joining the Oslandia team today!

Mirantis was a great experience. I learned many things. Some of the technologies I had a chance to use and get familiar with include OpenStack, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, Heka/Hindsight, Salt. I even wrote code in Golang and Lua, which I didn't know before. I didn't become an expert in any of those technologies, but I now better understand OpenStack and container orchestration technologies like Kubernetes, and I've gained quite some experience in the fields of logging and monitoring. It was also great to be closer to system administration and automation, and get my hands dirty with things like Linux networking again. I really enjoyed that. I decided to leave Mirantis mainly because of the layoff wave that hit the company three months ago.

So back to the present: Oslandia! I hope to do great things with the team, reusing what I learned in the past at Camptocamp and Mirantis. I also know that the work at Oslandia will come with its own challenges. They seem to do really complex and scary stuff :) Stay tuned!

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