Curriculum Vitae

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Éric Lemoine

Python, JavaScript, and C developer.

Solid Software Lover.

Email:Eric -DOT- Lemoine -AT- gmail -DOT- com


Sep 2001 – Jul 2004
Université Claude Bernard de Lyon (UCBL)
Phd student
Subject: New network interface functions for improved performance on multi-processor machines
Sep 2000 – Sep 2001
École Normale Supérieur (ENS)
Master student
Field: High performance computing and networking
Sep 1999 – Sep 2000
Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA)
Engineer student
Field: computer science
Sep 1996 – Jul 1999
Institut des Sciences et Techniques de l'Ingénieur de Lyon (ISTIL)
Engineer student
Field: Applied mathematics


Feb 2000 – Sep 2000
"Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systèmes Aléatoires"
Domain: high-performance distributed computing
Task: dev. of a parallel and distributed application with CORBA and MPI
Technology: C++, CORBA, MPI

Professional work

Feb 2007 – present
Title: senior developer, technical leader, open-source project member
Domain: geospatial, web, open-source
Language: Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Aug 2004 – Feb 2007
Sun Microsystems
Title: software engineer
Domain: high availability, system programming
Language: C, Java
Technology: Solaris, Sun Cluster, JMX
Sep 2001 – Aug 2004
Sun Microsystems and UCBL
Title: Phd student
Domain: High performance networking, multi-core and network CPUs
Language: C, Assembly (RISC)
Technology: Linux Kernel, TCP/IP, Network Interface Card

Main computer skills

C, C++, Python, JavaScript, Perl, Java
Shell (bash, zsh, tsch)
Programming tools
Git, Mercurial, SVN, CVS
gcc, gdb
Operating systems
Linux (admin, user-level and kernel-level programming)
Solaris (admin, user-level programming)
PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL
PostGIS, Spatialite



A new mechanism for Transmission Notification on SMP
Technical report RT-0295, INRIA, May 2004

Packet Classification in the NIC for Improved SMP-based Internet Servers
In Proceedings of IEEE 3rd International Conference on Networking (ICN'04), Guadeloupe, French Caribbean, March 2004
Packet classification in the NIC for improved SMP-based Internet servers
Technical report RT-0285, INRIA, September 2003
Packet classification technical report

Fast forwarding with network processors
Technical report RR-4710, INRIA, January 2003
Fast forwarding technical report

Social and personal skills

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